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Sir Galahad - You play as Galahad, an expert tracker and hunter whose instincts and skills, developed over the years fighting Half-breeds, are legendary among members of The Order. Jaded and numb to the violence he witnesses day to day, Galahad is world-weary with a calm, cool, professional demeanor. Protege of Malory and mentor to Isabeau.











Sir Perceval is a mentor and long-time friend to Galahad, and one of the few Knights who can match Galahad’s strength and ability. One of the eldest Knights in The Order, he commands everyone’s respect and is ready to work outside the bounds of the law when a situation calls for it.   

Lady Igraine / Isabeau D'Argyll - Under the tutelage of Galahad, Lady Igraine became the youngest member to ever be inducted into The Order. Now, as one of their most skilled and headstrong Knights, both she and Galahad share a mutual respect for each other.











Recruited for his tactical genius honed during the American and French Revolutions, Lafayette serves as Sir Perceval’s apprentice and has become an invaluable member of his squad.  At times impetuous, his passion for freedom and liberty is only equaled by his love of women.  




Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Sexual Content
Strong Language