Tethered is a simple, unique and totally immersive strategy game in which you play the part of a Spirit Guardian as you strive to restore balance to your world.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family / Strategy
  • Publisher: Secret Sorcery
  • Developer: Secret Sorcery
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Fantasy Violence


Evil has consumed your world. The Spirit Guardians have been imprisoned inside the ancient, collapsed Totems; only you remain free. The once beautiful floating islands of your universe now drift unguarded, ravaged by creatures of the night. You must wield your elemental powers and gather enough Spirit Energy, a mysterious source of power that permeates everything, in order to release the entombed Guardians and restore balance to the land. To accomplish this quest, you’ll need help from the island’s inhabitants; The Peeps. Devoted, but overwhelmed by the evil that surrounds them, give them purpose; give them hope.  Without them you’ll surely fail in your task and without you they will inevitably succumb to despair. Your fates are “Tethered”.



Beautiful Archipelago

Tethered boasts 13 lovingly hand-painted sky islands for you to complete – each one hiding secrets, puzzles and challenges. Gather enough Spirit Energy on each of the islands to fill the Totem and release the Spirit Guardian imprisoned within. Immerse yourself in the wonder and beauty of a magical universe, carefully crafted to allow you to escape reality.

Tethers are Purpose

Simplicity is at the heart of every action you take as a Spirit Guardian. In Tethered, you control everything through our unique Tethering mechanic which allows natural and instinctive control over the world you inhabit. A Tether is a physical representation of “Purpose” and creates a contextual, ethereal bond between two things. Tethering is as intuitive as looking at two things you want to interact with.

Prepare by day; survive by night

During daylight, command your Peeps to gather Spirit Energy and resources to improve your industry or defenses, for at night the resource-hungry creatures emerge from the island’s dark underbelly to feed! Each dawn represents a new hope; a chance to rebuild and continue your quest to gather Spirit Energy. Use everything at your disposal to protect your settlement and survive the night. 

Wield your elemental powers

As a god-like Spirit you can control many things, including the weather. Tether sun, rain, ice and wind clouds to help your Peep’s population grow strong, or use the elements to smite your foes with fiery wrath! Replenish resources, freeze water or even try Tethering weather to your Peeps – unusual effects can happen!

Sir, Yes Sir!

Your Peeps are more than just your loyal servants. Each one possesses the ability to be promoted into a specialist profession. Once your civic buildings have been constructed, new opportunities open up for you and your faithful subjects. Farmer, Woodsman or Hero are among the types of promotion you can offer your Peeps – choose well for them!


Infrastructure begins small and simple, a Farm here or a Moot Hall there, but all building type can be upgraded and improved. Build an Armory and you can promote Heroes, then upgrade an Armory to a Pyromancer and you can arm those Heroes with explosive ranged projectiles!



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