Game Overview

Explore, build, craft and battle across alien worlds in this physics-based construction sandbox adventure.

Design cars, tanks and planes from a huge library of blocks. Scavenge, craft and buy new parts in order to survive and become the ultimate planetary prospector.

Choose from four game modes: Campaign, Creative, Gauntlet and Multiplayer.


  • Grade up through four Corporations: GSO, GeoCorp, Venture & Hawkeye
  • Complete Corporation-specific missions
  • Fight & scavenge for blocks
  • Craft using mined resources


  • Unlimited access to all 400+ blocks
  • Build in-world without missions
  • Test creations with or without enemies


  • Build the fastest Tech you can
  • Two tracks to choose from
  • Beat your previous times


  • PvP battles
  • Team matches
  • Kill streak rewards
  • Text and voice chat

Game Editions

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