The Empire has never forgotten about their beliefs and traditions, including gladiatorial battles, which have now become the most prestigious sport in the sprawling intergalactic Empire. You can play 1v1 deathmatches in a best-of-five rounds format to determine the ultimate victor. As for futuristic gladiators, there is no place for losers. Wager your hard-earned loadouts and try to stay alive for as many matches as possible to make your mark in the global leaderboards.

And one more thing: Telefrag VR fully supports Cross-Play, 3dRudder, PS Move, Dual Shock 4


PvP matches will require a good knowledge of the arenas in addition to creative use of dashes and teleports to gain the upper hand in combat. But these abilities are for more than just defense and evasion – after all, the game is called Telefrag. Tired of shooting or in the middle of reloading? No problem, teleport through your enemies to watch as they’re reduced to a pulp. The game’s abstract arenas will test your skills. Move dynamically through the designed maps and don't stay in one place under any circumstances.

Fast-Paced Shooter

Shoot your opponents with a range of firearms, from the staples of the genre to new, unique entries. But if you’re going to outwit your enemies, you’ll need to choose your loadouts carefully! Some may work better against your opponent than others. Each weapon also has a unique, built-in teleportation attack that is more than just a means of locomotion.

Fluid Movement

Combat in VR has never been so dynamic! Choose between Dash or Smooth Movement and take your enemy by surprise. Short and fast jumps from place to place allow you to constantly control the area.

Impossible Spaces

Fight in unique arenas arranged with no regard for gravity, opening up various angles of attack and movement. The specially designed maps will force you to be on your guard.

The idea of Telefrag VR was based on a question:  Are the games like Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament are possible in VR?

If so, how to use VR in such an intense and satisfying gameplay. We wanted to pay the VR tribute to the legendary games we grew up with, adding well-familiar technology to the Telefrag VR unique gameplay. Thanks to that we created intense fast-paced fps shooter, dedicated for Virtual Reality.

Game Editions

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