Switchblade is a team-objective, multiplayer action game based around vehicular combat.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Genre: Action / Sports / Strategy
  • Publisher: Lucid Games Ltd
  • Developer: Lucid Games Ltd


Switchblade is an arena-based, 5v5 vehicular shooter that combines high-octane combat with an ever-shifting array of strategic choices. Seamlessly switch between heavily armed vehicles at any time to create endless tactical choices. Chase down a rival in a speedy fighter, then swap to a heavy-duty battlewagon to attack your competitor’s tower as your teammates switch between healers and artillery to back you up.


Switch>Vehicles Switch>Tactics Switch>Weapons

One of unique gameplay features of Switchblade is choosing two vehicles before the match, which can be swapped at any time. This is critical in the game as over the course of the match there are many different scenarios emerging from the constantly evolving battle happening on the battlefield.

Switchblade has been built from the ground up to support E-Sports. Every player is portrayed as a virtual character. Start the game in a hall of champions where you can jump into a game lobby, or personalize your character cosmetically and continue to play the game you will be able to unlock tech chips that tweak your skills further.


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