Stranded: A Mars Adventure

Flying to Mars is a piece of cake… but returning back to Earth, that’s where things get tricky! Help the stranded astronaut to find a way back home in this delightful side-scrolling skill game!

  • PS Vita
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: Tama Games
  • Developer: Tama Games
ESRB - E Rating



Run, slide, jump and somersault your way around Mars in search of much-needed oxygen bottles and the shattered components of your space craft. Using the environment’s lack of gravity to your advantage, the jetpack-powered hero breaks his way through all kinds of stumbling blocks, hurdles and other obstacles to courageously keep his chance at making a return flight.

With its carefully crafted 2D graphics and charming retro appeal, Stranded - A Mars Adventure brings back fond memories of the golden age of penny arcade and old school consoles. This fun and diverting pixel fest blends two popular game forms into an all-new gaming experience!


  • Unique arcade gameplay combining the most addictive elements of autorunners & 2D platformers
  • Charming pixel graphics with delightful retro appeal & tons of enjoyable details
  • 40 cleverly designed levels spanning across 5 different terrains (Crater Site, Cave, Crystal, Space Station & Surface)
  • Lots of power-ups & customization options


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