Stardust Odyssey is an adventure steering game, mixing stealth, combat, bosses and RPG elements (collectibles/shop/upgrades).
The player embodies a smuggler whose mission is to infiltrate convoys of nomad merchant ships.
It's a fantasy world with oriental inspirations like the Silk Road and the nomadic tribes.
The evil of the Abyss has returned, and it is up to you to stop the threat!
Jump aboard your Ethercraft and explore the most powerful convoys of the world of Stardust Odyssey!
Navigate through merchant ships filled with treasures, search for the mysterious hidden Ethers, upgrade your ship.
Thwart the traps set by the Guardians using powerful spells. Combine their effects to overcome gigantic bosses with fearsome capabilities!
Will you be able to counter the growing evil of the Abyss and escape the Kraken?

Steer for treasures

Jump aboard your Ethercraft and explore ancient convoys of wealthy nomad merchants that have been sailing for generations.

Upgrade your Ethercraft

Gather enough gold to upgrade your ship and wander the forgotten lands to search for the mysterious hidden Relics and powerful Runes.

Combine your powers

Share the adventure with a friend in online co-op play to build a team strategy and combine your skills and powers to defeat the guardians.

An exotic journey

Sail across an original fantasy universe specifically designed for VR, immerse in the most captivating experience with an optimal comfort thanks to a smooth maneuverability.

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