Smash Hit Plunder


Unleash magical powers as you tear your way through a medieval castle in search of lost plunder.

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Party
  • Publisher: Triangular Pixels
  • Developer: Triangular Pixels
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence

Smash Hit Plunder: Smash Together!

Smash Hit Plunder is a PlayStation®VR tear-it-up set in Castle Carvasso, a medieval castle sprinkled with ghostly inhabitants. It sends a young Mage recently returned from magic school delving into their family’s fraught past. While the Mage was away learning the difference between dark and light magic, the family squandered away their large fortune and rapidly lost their home to Mordred, a sneaky, spiritual debt collector. Now it’s up to the player to find enough hidden treasure in the castle and its grounds to pay off the debt and win back their own home. Move through the castle creating as much havoc as possible using the Mage’s special wand magic in a desperate bid to unlock the family home -- but look out for other-worldly ancestors!


Unlock the castle!

Work with your friendly Grandma ghost to get your home back!

Look out for ancestors as you try and grab as much treasure as you can…

Step into the shoes of a prodigal mage and, using the power of PS VR, tear your way through a vast castle in search of gold, treasure and a hidden family fortune.

As a young mage recently returned from magic school, unleash your newfound powers on the former family home as you seek to oust a sneaky spiritual creditor, who has cheated your family of their wealth.

  • Full VR Support
  • Full campaign
  • 2-player co-op
  • 2–4 player vs.
  • Full player locomotion with a variety of comfort options
  • Leap into a medieval world from your living room
  • Full PlayStation®VR, Motion Controller and standard controller support
  • Multiple dungeons and secret rooms
  • Full single-player campaign
  • Cooperative multiplayer via 2D TV screen
  • 2–4 Versus multiplayer via 2D TV screen
  • Friendly Grandma AI to guide the players
  • Full player locomotion with a variety of comfort options
  • Race against the clock in "Treasure Hunt" and gather as much as you can within the time limit.
  • Hunt for a specific piece of loot in "Scavenger Hunt."
  • Explore at your own pace in "Free Play" and make your way around the castle in your own time
  • Team up with your friends and work together in either "Treasure Hunt," "Scavenger Hunt" or "Free Play" modes.
  • Go head-to-head with up to three friends in either "Poltergeist Panic" or "Jewel Duel" modes and fight for a place on the dynamic leaderboards.


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