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Sketchcross is a Nonogram logic picture puzzle game.

  • PS Vita
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Spiky Fish Games, LLC
  • Developer: Spiky Fish Games
ESRB - E Rating



Sketchcross is a Nonogram logic picture puzzle game. Like Sudoku and Crosswords the player is given clues and must use those to fill in the grid. In Sketchcross the puzzles form a picture, which can aid in the player’s quest to solve the puzzle. The numbers on the rows/columns are groups, the value of those numbers is the amount of connecting blocks in that group. Each group must be separated by at least one blank space. 


Sketchcross launches with 50 puzzles featuring a variety of subjects and sizes. Small puzzles are 5 by 5 while the largest puzzles are 30 by 30. The game offers 3 difficulty settings allowing for casual play as well as beat the clock play. Difficulty also dictates the use of the Check Button which you can use to find any errors or get hints. Sketchcross also has Frenzy mode which is a randomly generated mode. Frenzy mode gives the player just 30 seconds to finish a 5 by 5 puzzle.

PSN leaderboards are integrated into Sketchcross allowing for players to view their best time against the world and their friends.


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