SingStar Celebration

Only On PlayStation®

Hit the high notes in this fun-packed singing game from the PlayLink for PS4 range.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Genre: Party / Music and Rhythm
  • Publisher: SIEA
  • Developer: SIE London Studio
Drug Reference
Mild Blood
Mild Lyrics
Mild Violence
Sexual Themes

Sing Loud

Sing Together

Transform your smartphone into a mic, grab your friends and blast out the biggest hits – this PS4 exclusive from the PlayLink range is all about singing along with over 30 of your favorite pop classics.

Jump into a host of fun-packed party modes for up to eight players that turn any night into a celebration. Whether you’re performing a duet with a partner or recording your performance with the PlayStation Camera to upload to the online community, SingStar Celebration is the perfect way to unleash your inner pop star.



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Introducing PlayLink

SingStar Celebration is just the start – discover more wonderful social gaming experiences on PlayStation 4 in the PlayLink range.

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SingStar App

Don’t have any SingStar wired or wireless microphones to hand? Don’t worry – simply turn your smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone with the SingStar Mic App, free to download for Android, iPhone and iPod touch.

The app also lets you mix a playlist to cue up your favorite songs, so the party never ends.