Semispheres is a meditative parallel puzzle game.

  • PS4
  • Also onPS Vita
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Strategy
  • Publisher: Vivid Helix Inc.
  • Developer: Vivid Helix Inc.
ESRB - E Rating



Semispheres is a meditative parallel puzzle game. 

Its unique single-player split-screen mechanic challenges your brain by putting you in control of two characters at the same time. 

Your left and right side must work together to unfold the mystery by solving clever puzzles in an entrancing ambience.




Semispheres follows the heartwarming story of a boy and his robot. Progress through the puzzles to unveil to connection between the story and the game world.




The main twist in Semispheres is that the two sides of the screen where the main characters are confined are actually connected - like parrallel universes. This connection manifests itself through portals which allow a character to perform actions in the alternate side of the screen.



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