Rock Band Rivals

The Rock Band Rivals expansion brings brand new features to Rock Band™ 4. Perform your way through an epic rock documentary about *your* band in a new campaign mode, join Crews to prove your skill and crush your opponents through weekly online challenges, and get a free backstage pass to months of additional game updates, including Online Quickplay!

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family / Music and Rhythm / Party
  • Publisher: Harmonix Music Systems
  • Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
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Created by Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., the award-winning developer of innovative music games, Rock Band™ 4 is the best party game on the planet, putting you and your friends on stage to perform the greatest hits in music history.

The core game includes a soundtrack of more than 60 songs, and all of the feature updates released over the last year like Practice Mode, Setlists, and Brutal Mode. You also get access to the Rock Band Music Store and its 1800+ additional great tracks for purchase.

The Rock Band Rivals expansion brings brand new features to
Rock Band™ 4:

Live Your Band's Story in Rockudrama

Perform your way through an epic rock documentary in this new, dynamic narrative campaign mode. Discover the twisting, funny, and sometimes tragic story of *your* band’s history and triumph over adversity.


Join a Crew, Crush Your Rivals

The brand new Rivals Mode lets you join up with friends as a Crew to take on rival groups through asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. No matter what mode you’re playing, you can be contributing to your Crew’s success every week.


Keep On Rocking

The Rock Band Rivals expansion sets you up to receive free ongoing content updates leading into 2017, including synchronous online multiplayer this holiday. Start a band with friends around the globe!


Online Quickplay

Now with Online Quickplay, you can play your favorite songs with your friends, wherever they may be.

  • Start up a new game session or accept invitations to play from your friends
  • Choose songs from a consolidated list that includes only songs that everyone owns
  • Introducing the “Green Room”  – a cool new spot to configure your online session and show off your character


Rock Band

Companion App

Stay one beat ahead of the competition with the official Rock Band Companion App! Join or create a Crew. Encourage (or taunt) your friends!  Check your Crew’s ranking! All you need to stay plugged into this epic online battle of the bands, without having to boot up your console:

  • Link to your PlayStation Network ID.
  • Check your Rock Band stats and compare yourself to any other player
  • Create your own Crew with up to 10 friends, or Join an existing one
  • Invite new players to your Crew, or kick people out!
  • Motivate and message your Crew in “Crew Chat”
  • Compare your Crew to other Crews, and check your placement during each challenge
  • View the roster of other Crews and compare your stats to ANY player – even if you are not friends
  • Keep an eye on the Activity Feed for important news about Weekly Challenges
  • Get notifications when your Crew is promoted… or demoted (gasp!)

Compatible for Rock Band 4 players on PlayStation 4. Best experienced with the Rock Band Rivals expansion. Rock Band Companion is now available on iOS and Android.


Gear Up

New to the game, or want to add a guitar to your band? Introducing the brand new Fender® Jaguar™ Guitar Controller. Get the Rock Band Rivals expansion, Rock Band 4 core game, and this iconic guitar controller as a bundle at select retailers. A Band Kit is also available. If you already have instrument controllers that are compatible with Rock Band 4, you can purchase the Rock Band Rivals as a digital download on PSN.




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