Jump between planets, fight weird creatures and save the galaxy alone or with a friend!

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / Platformer
  • Publisher: QubicGames S.A.
  • Developer: QubicGames S.A.
ESRB - E Rating
Mild Fantasy Violence

Game Overview

A modern arcade game

Robonauts™ combines familiar arcade shooting gameplay with a unique possibility to switch gravity. Colorful graphics appeal to both younger and adult players, while first-class music by Simon Viklund makes the adventure feel even more epic.


Story Details

Get ready for a galactic adventure

Robo is an ordinary robot whose curiosity leads to an extraordinary destiny. He accidentally started up the engines of a ship and landed on the Sacred Planet! Thankfully you are here to make good use of a large arsenal of surprising weapons to get Robo out of this cosmic trouble...and far beyond.


Gameplay Details

Solo and Multiplayer fun!

  • Easy-to-learn yet challenging gameplay
  • Great for the whole family
  • 12 unique planetary systems
  • Large variety of weapons and enemies
  • 2 difficulty settings: normal and hard

Screenshots & Videos

See Robonauts in Action


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