Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Tips & Tricks

Finish the Demo

By now, hopefully you’ve played through the final Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo. But have you gotten the best ending possible? Solving all of Beginning Hour’s mysteries rewards players with a Dirty Coin that carries over into the full game and offers a nice advantage.

Choose Your Battles

You can defend yourself with a variety of weapons in Resident Evil 7, but smart players know when to choose flight over fight. Some encounters with the sadistic Baker family or deadly Molded monsters are better avoided. Try to only use up your ammo and health fighting back when it’s absolutely necessary for progress or survival.


Craft Carefully

Useful supplies like Green Herbs, Gunpowder, and Chem Fluid are scattered around the sprawling Baker Estate. The crafting system in RE7 allows players to combine the Chem Fluid with herbs to create potent and useful First Aid Med, or combine the Chem Fluid and Gunpowder to make bullets. Experiment with more combinations and see what works best for you. Prepare yourself for survival by focusing on crafting only what you need for each situation.





180-degree Quick Turn

Jack Baker just burst through a wall wielding a shovel and he looks mad. What do you do? Tap the Circle Button while walking backwards to perform a 180-degree Quick Turn and run for your life. The difference this makes in seconds could be what separates life and death.








Defend Yourself

Now Jack is winding up with his shovel and an unavoidable attack is incoming. Press the L1 Button to raise your arms up and defend yourself. Not only does this block maneuver mitigate some damage, it also reduces certain attacks’ staggering effect.


Hunt for Antique Coins

Tiny, valuable coins are scattered around the mansion. Search every crevice and container for this rare currency. Save up enough Antique Coins and you can spend them in certain locations on upgrades to your character, or possibly a more powerful weapon…



Exploring the dilapidated Baker mansion is crucial for finding supplies like ammo and health, as well as keys and other important items. Even the most thorough hunters are bound to miss some helpful items, however, so be sure to pop these Psychostimulant pills occasionally to highlight any items in the environment that you may have missed.







Fighting the Molded

The oozing, deadly Molded enemies can materialize anywhere, and sometimes you’ll find one of these hideous creatures bearing down on you. Headshots are an important tactic for putting down these abominations, but try shooting them in the legs to buy some time. Be careful though, a fallen Molded isn’t always down for the count…


Plan and Conquer

Item boxes and safe rooms are important sanctuaries found around the Baker estate. Use these moments of respite to reorganize your inventory and plan for your next excursion into the mansion. Planning an exploration run? Preserve space in your inventory by minimizing your ammo and health supplies. Aiming to take on a tough enemy? Make room for your shotgun and plenty of extra shells. Good luck!


PlayStation VR Strategy

Playing Resident Evil 7 biohazard in PlayStation VR mode is a terrifying and immersive experience, plus it has an extra maneuver you can use. Lean to your left or right while crouching to safely peek around corners and check if anything (or anyone) is lurking in the shadows. Be careful though - you might not be prepared for what you see.