Violence Awakened

Kill your enemies using the most twisted methods, study your opponents' behavior, develop your skills and hack your way to victory with friends in co-op mode.
The stern Russian man Vasily is an ex-security officer of the world's largest weapons company. He's had to blackmail, threaten, torture and even kill on the orders of his bosses. But when Vasily decides to leave this dirty business and escapes to an isolated monastery in the East, he becomes a wanted man. Well, they've asked for it...

Discover Vasily's haunted past

Play as Vasily, an elite operative who once worked for one of the biggest Cybernetic Weapons Manufacturers in the world. Officially working in security, you were tasked with infiltration, assassination, extortion and even torture. When eventually the corporation decided to turn you into one of its cyborg soldiers, you manage to narrowly escape to a secluded monastery deep in the snowy mountains.
For 20 years you tried to find peace and harmony amongst your fellow monks, but you are still too haunted by your murderous past to find either. Now, after all of these years, the corporation is finally closing in on your location, and in so doing they have given you one last shot at redemption.

Redux Console Edition

Unique Kill System

Use three different types of kills to mercilessly eliminate enemies. Sneak around levels undetected to silently perform graceful stealth kills, or use the very environment to dispatch your opponents using environmental kills by smashing their skulls, impaling them and setting them ablaze in flames (many more options available). Utilize your combat prowess to beat down your opponents enough to enable you to perform savage execution kills that will have you doing a screen capture.

Character class selection

Choose whether Vasily is a monk or a soldier, depending on your preferred combat style.

Game Editions

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