Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King

The Goblins have been displaced and enslaved. It's up to you to help them flee from the Orcs and return to their homeland. Solve puzzles and escape Orcs, Trolls and other creatures on an exciting and funny journey full of surprises.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
  • Publisher: bitComposer Interactive GmbH
  • Developer: LostTheGame Studios
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Crude Humor
Mild Fantasy Violence
Use of Alcohol

Game Overview

Help the Goblins!

The Goblins have been driven out of their homeland by man, chased through the mines by the Dwarfs and enslaved by the Orcs. Tech, Heavy, Tiny and of course the formidable King Hung Ree embark on a journey home – but before they can set out, Tech first needs to escape from his Orc prison and then round up the rest of the group. Only by joining forces will they manage to cross the territory of the Orcs. Along the way, they'll encounter all kinds of obstacles and puzzles that they'll only be able to overcome together.


Story Details

Meet the Goblins

Tech: He is the nerd and genius of the group. Give him a plan and some materials and he'll build a helicopter out of bubble gum and a chicken.

Heavy: There's nothing that Heavy can't move – apart from King…

Tiny: He is small, inconspicuous and can get into everywhere. He's even supposed to have broken into King's pantry once.

King Hung Ree: He is the chief of the Goblins and the crown of creation. Surely, he's also good for something – at least the other Goblins hope so…




  • Varied: Nine challenging levels with constantly new, complex and exciting puzzles
  • Multifaceted: Several solutions for each challenge encourage multiple playthroughs
  • Unique: Each of your team members has special skills that affect your approach
  • Clever: Combine the different skills of your team members to reach your destination alive
  • Challenging: Ever combined a flint and a pot? It's hard to even think of trying that!
  • A sight to see: Take a look around off the beaten path and you'll find many interesting things


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