Game Overview

It’s your job to protect Qubit! Welcome to the Rover Blaster Tactical Team. Your mission is to ensure the safe delivery of Qubit’s communications and data. Be careful! Qubit has a tough exterior, but is easily distracted. You must keep him safe at all costs. The success of the Resistance depends on you. Qubit’s Quest™ is perfect for gamers of all ages. Follow Qubit on his adventures and play with friends!

This MARS™ Light Gun game is an action platformer and third-person shooter. With up to 4-players protecting your loyal robotic canine, Qubit, you’re on a mission to defeat the Singularity and his minions. Qubit’s Quest contains a co-op adventure campaign and 10 fast-paced minigames to compete with other players!

MARS LIGHTCON and IR STATION are required to play. (Sold separately)

Game Edition

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