Puzzle Showdown 4K

Puzzle Showdown 4K introduces a new way to build jigsaw puzzles! Competitive Multiplayer!

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family / Fighting / Puzzle
  • Publisher: 70 Times 7 LLC
  • Developer: Kingdom Games
ESRB - E Rating

A New Twist on a Classic Game!

Puzzle Showdown 4K is a fun new way to build jigsaw puzzles. Play it casually in single player mode or with up to 4 friends in a puzzle building showdown. Includes over 100 Ultra HD puzzles,  over 5 hours of music and a Showcase mode to listen and view all that wonderful content.


Gameplay Details


  • Up to 4 players can compete for the highest score
  • Points awarded for accuracy, speed, and strategic placement
  • Turn off scoring and build co-operatively


  • Play casually or for your highest score
  • Save your progress 

Options Galore

  • Over 100 Puzzles 
  • Puzzle sizes for all ages and skill levels: 28, 60, 112, 252, or 510 pieces
  • Change between three music categories: Acoustic, Classical, or Electronic
  • Disable scoring to play casually or cooperatively
  • Turn on puzzle rotation for an extra challenge
  • Choose your puzzle board background: Image, Outline or None

Showcase Mode

  • Showcase all images and music from the game
  • All the puzzle images are displayed in full screen and from 4K (3840x2160 pixel) images
  • Listen to over 5 hours of music
  • It’s the ultimate screen saver for your console

Images & Videos

See Puzzle Showdown 4K in Action


Published by 70 Times 7 LLC
Developed by Kingdom Games
All rights reserved