See what it's really like to hunt whitetail deer in one of four different North American venues! Pro mode provides the same challenges that you would encounter if you were actually in the woods. Ultimate success requires you to harvest each of the four whitetail deer sub-species that are offered in the game. To provide further challenge there are three different firearms choices as well as bow hunting! Action mode provides more of a deer drive style of hunt. The objective in this style of hunt is more about quick and accurate shooting. Combine this with photo-realistic graphics and accurate depictions of the environments and you have the ultimate virtual deer hunting experience. There is something for each style but to earn the platinum you have to master everything!
Pro Deer Hunting has two basic modes of game play. Pro mode simulates actual deer hunting. Stalk and shoot as well as hunting from blinds and tree stands are the tactics you need to be successful. Action mode is more about making quick decisions and shooting straight! You are placed in the environment and are stationary with deer running all around your position. The levels are timed so shoot quick, shoot accurately and try for those bucks!
There are options for choice of firearm, bow, deer calls, and deer gear. Firearm choices include; scoped high powered rifle, lever action rifle, and shotgun. Archery choice is the compound bow. Deer gear choices include; binoculars and wind direction indicator. Deer call choices include; grunt tube and rattling antlers. The calls are used to lure bucks into range. It doesn't always work so patience in required! Binoculars will help you find deer especially in heavily wooded areas. The wind direction indicator will show you which direction the wind is coming from. This is important as deer have a keen sense of smell as a defense mechanism. Given this, always try and stay upwind of the deer you are hunting. The square key will illuminate the buck direction indicator (lower right) which will help in locating bucks. Another important tip, always utilize tree stands or ground blinds if available. When you are hunting from either deer will not be able to detect you via movement of scent. Good luck and good hunting!
While each hunting game we develop is exciting deer hunting is probably the most popular and the one we are most familiar with.  We have direct hunting experience for a least one of the sub-species featured in Pro Deer Hunting. For the others we do research by talking to other hunters and reading about the habitat and biology of the targeted sub-species. Finally, we integrate the design so that realistic hunting is represented but game play is interesting and moves as well.  One element of whitetail deer hunting we try to capture is the rut. This is the breeding season and the one time of the year bucks are most vulnerable in terms of letting their guard down. Even non hunters will learn that the sound of a grunting buck chasing a doe signals excitement and a potential opportunity to harvest the big buck! By design Pro Deer Hunting features ultra-realistic game play as well as action shooting all in a graphically pleasing environment. The final stage in our development was having real hunters that enjoy gaming test and play the game. Given that mark of approval we were ready to release!
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