NFL GameDay™ 2002

  • ps2
  • Also onPS One
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: TBC
ESRB - E Rating
Put it on the turf and play... Compete for the championship!

New Features:

  • Revolutionary 3D player scanning technology
    Using the latest 3D scanning equipment and cameras, the NFL player comes to life like never before. Portraits of faces, arms, torsos, and legs have been scanned in full uniform to deliver incredibly lifelike facial features, skin color, and uniform textures of your favorite NFL stars. Every position has been photographed and scanned for stunning realism.
  • Exclusive multiple-player motion capturing
    All new technology translates into jaw-dropping realism that captures the power and athleticism of the NFL in amazing detail. For the first time ever, simultaneous motion-capture sessions, with two defenders trying to tackle a relentless ball carrier, deliver sophisticated gang-tackle sequences. See drag downs, multiple-player tackles, lineman battling for position, pass protection blocks, and ankle tackles. New catch animations including bobble catches, one-handed grabs, and diving, two-handed snags.
  • Brand new gameplay
    All of the moves that make the NFL exciting on the field are in the game. The most fluid and responsive controls ever allow you to perform moves just like your favorite NFL player. Break ankle tackles of defenders wrapped around your legs, run over defenders while performing a shoulder charge, and dive over the pile for the winning touchdown. Perform a swim move at the line of scrimmage over a stingy offensive lineman, cause fumbles after a perfect hit, and make a one-handed deflection to save the game.
  • Next generation artificial intelligence
    See offensive lines perform trap blocks on bull-rushing defensive linemen, receivers running underneath routes after reading a zone defense, and quarterbacks executing screen passes to rattle blitzing defenses. On defense, players communicate changes in coverage and alignment based on the offensive formations at the line of scrimmage.
  • New Dan Fouts and Dick Enberg commentary
    Play-by-play legend Dick Enberg and color commentator Dan Fouts recreate the ultimate TV-style broadcast. Innovative back and forth banter, key play analysis, and player identification keep you glued to the game!

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