NCAA® Final Four® 2002

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: TBC
ESRB - E Rating
The ultimate college hoops simulation! Put it on the court and play...

Key Features:

  • All-new player graphics
    10 different player models mean every type of player imaginable can be recreated in amazing detail. All players have the exact skin color, height, weight, and body style of their real-life counterparts. Facial animations are recreated with the use of a proprietary, digital-photo application process for amazing realism.
  • All-new Dynasty mode
    Build a powerhouse collegiate program over multiple seasons by recruiting freshman to replace graduating seniors. Start off as an assistant coach at a small school, and see if you can work your way up to head coach at a major college basketball program.
  • Brand-new commentary
    Eddie Doucette provides the play-by-play, with color commentary from the famous Billy Packer. Listen to all of the action in amazing detail with insightful facts and entertaining conversation.
  • Tons of new motion-captured moves
    25 dunks include one-handed tip jams, reverse dunks, and windmill slams. New passes include the no-look pass and the behind-the-back dish. Go for a game-winning basket with a reverse lay-up or nail the fade-away jumper. Former North Carolina standout Joseph Forte was motion captured to deliver highly detailed shot, dunk, and dribble animations.
  • Amazing gameplay and realism
    The new back-down button let's you post up on a defender and fight for position in the paint. After posting up, perform a spin move, drop step or execute a hook shot from the post. An improved Touch Shooting meter gives you total control of your shot accuracy. With reconstructed artificial intelligence, the computer utilizes help defense against your star player and uses full-court pressure to force turnovers and get you back in the game.
  • More than 300 Division 1 teams and arenas
    Select your favorite college hoops team and try to win the championship banner. Every arena is recreated in amazing detail to deliver the home-court advantage of college basketball.

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