Immerse yourself into the official 2019 MotoGP™ season and discover the MotoE™.
Create your custom events and become Race Director thanks to the most complete multiplayer experience ever, supported by dedicated servers!
Relive the moments that made MotoGP™ history in a dedicated mode!
Compete with a faster, smarter and more accurate AI based on machine learning!
Customise your helmet, lower back patch and racing number with new graphic editors!
Start your Career as a rookie and when you're ready for a trickier challenge, put yourself to the test in the Pro Career and race as a real pro!


All the passion of the MotoGP™ from the 500 2-strokes to the Modern Era.

Access the Historical Challenges mode and relive the most exciting rivalries trough time attacks and specific scenarios to recreate the moments that shaped the history of the MotoGP™.

  • More than 50 legendary riders
  • Over 35 bikes
  • 3 additional historical tracks


The addition of dedicated servers has made playing online more fun than ever! Challenge your friends in different modes:

  • Public Lobby: create a fully customizable lobby (number of laps, weather, sessions) or scroll through the list of lobbies available and pick your favorite one;
  • Private Lobby: create a custom event and challenge your friends;
  • Race Director: choose the starting grid, give penalties and direct the race!


Designed for all types of players, from rookies to veterans of the series!

Choose whether to follow Career and climb the leaderboards, right up to MotoGP™ or to focus on the Pro Career and race like a real pro!


Improve your bike's performance during dedicated tests in Career, working on different technical aspects:

  • Traction Control System;
  • Engine Brake;
  • Anti-Wheelie System;
  • Engine;
  • Chassis.


Compete with a faster, smarter and more accurate AI based on machine learning that will identify your actions and react accordingly. The best racing experience ever is waiting for you!

Milestone is proud to introduce A.N.N.A., an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent, a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks that will enable an incredible level of challenge for players, with cleverer and faster opponents that will take advantages of each mistake.

A.N.N.A is the result of more than 2 years of joint development with Orobix’s engineers and data scientists, a company specializing in engineering Artificial Intelligence solutions, and it’s a new paradigm rather than traditional AI, where every action is planned by a developer in advance.

With neural network-based AI the approach is completely different; developers don’t dictate preset behaviors, they provide AI a goal and tools available to reach it. Then, through a complex rewarding system, they “teach” AI which behaviors are useful to reach the goal and which are counter-productive; it will be the AI itself that learns which are the best actions to take to reach its goal. The result is an extremely realistic and natural driving behavior, with driving systems, manoeuvres and techniques very similar to those made by a professional rider. On the performance side, Neural AI lap times are very close to professional rider’s lap times in real life, and much faster than a traditional AI system. Behavior in group is aggressive but fair, with AI always ready to take advantages of any mistakes. However, to match all payers’ needs, the difficulty level will be customizable.

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