Game Overview

Story Details
Believe... That one day, you may gaze upon each other once again...

The beautiful eyes of Medusa. All who have met them have turned to stone. Her lover, Gaios, has vowed to release her from the curse placed upon her by a witch. At the end of a long and challenging journey, will to two finally be able to gaze upon each other again? 

Side by side, Medusa and Gaios challenge a variety of stages as they search for the cure to the curse. Only by working together will they be able to overcome each trial, and take a step closer to their own happy ending.  

Gameplay Details
Co-op Play with VR and your TV monitor

Medusa and Gaios journey together on their quest. Play in local co-op mode where each player can take on the role of one of the protagonists and challenge each stage together. Medusa is controlled via the VR headset, utilizing the VR functionality in first person, turn your gaze upon monsters to petrify them to stone. Meanwhile, Gaios is controlled via the TV screen, the third person perspective for his combat allowing him to nimbly attack and defend with Medusa in battle. Work together to clear each stage and to cover each other’s weak points and become the ultimate team. 

Key Features

  • Medusa can turn any creature to stone with her gaze. Gaios is no exception to this rule. 
  • Gaios can attack nearby enemies with his sword, while Medusa can attack both long and short range. 
  • When playing with two people, Medusa is controlled via the VR headset, and Gaios is controlled via the TV Screen.
  • When playing alone, Medusa is controlled with the left hand, and Gaios with the right. 
  • Contains six episodes, each with their own unique setting. 
  • Each stage has a score. Beat your high score by playing on harder difficulty settings. 
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