Light Tracer


Light Tracer is a VR platform-puzzler in which the player is a godlike creature who has to guide a princess in despair up the enormous Tower of Bellbatis.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Platformer / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Oasis Games Ltd.
  • Developer: Void Dimensions
ESRB - E Rating

A new genre for a new platform!

Platforming Meets VR

A new genre for a new device, a novel and creative take on the popular genre which opens up a new gaming experience that’s clear from the moment the player takes up the PSVR.

  • 8 different chapters, 8 different worlds: from Gravity World to Mechanica World, from sliding the princess down icy steps to the final Angelic City.
  • From classic platforming to enigmatic puzzles and boss fights that test both your reaction speed as well as your thinking speed.
  • Use the PlayStation®Move controller to "grab" the world and freely move around. Sometimes the solution to a dangerous enemy or an enigmatic puzzle is simply changing your view!
  • A princess with a mission, the mysterious god-like player and a story with a twist!

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