A Band of Unique Allies

Up to 10 allies, each with their own personality.

Enjoy events with the pixel-art characters, and battles where you can change formations flexibly!

Front-View Turn-Based Battles!

The battles with the powerful animation of the enemies can't be missed!

Enjoy creating battle strategies with the characters' skills!

Don't Hesitate! Investigate Suspicious Locations!

Here and there... Investigate suspicious locations... And get treasure!

In suspicious locations in towns and dungeons, you might find so many items!

As you roam around freely, check out any spots you think might be strange!

Obtain treasure to make the party stronger!

Obtain Treasure to Make the Party Stronger!

Gain treasure from a range of spots! Can you find it all?

You can get treasure as dropped items from enemies, or by searching for it! The more you have, the stronger your party will become, so find as much as you can!

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