As you gain Konrad's love and affection, you unlock new features. It is your job to make Konrad happy, and you have access to various rooms and areas in which to do so. In the Dress Room, you can unlock more than 50 accessories and dress your kitten any way you like. How about cool glasses, a funny little hat or a suit for Konrad? You can even change the color of his coat.
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Watch out: In Version 2.0 Konrad is all grown up and he's not alone any more. Little orphaned kittens are looking for a home and Konrad has to take care of them. The kittens sleep in their basket during the day, but at night they wake up. You and Konrad have to feed the kittens, clean them, play with them and find them when they get lost.

Game Editions

To celebrate Update 2.0 "Konrad's Kittens", we created a Bundle that contains 5 cute kitten Avatars and the game itself. Konrad's Kittens Bundle will be available from April 24th, 2019.

Developed and Published by FusionPlay.