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A 3D puzzle game inspired by the well-known Chinese wood knots.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Warlock Arts
  • Developer: Warlock Arts
ESRB - E Rating

Beautifully Designed Brain Teasers

Inspired by Chinese Wood Knots

In this interlocking puzzle game one or more blocks stop other blocks from moving. The aim is to completely disassemble the puzzle. With beautiful realistic graphics and calming music enjoy 40 unique brain teasers.


Move and rotate each 3D puzzle in order to find the  way to disassemble the blocks.

40 Unique Brain Teasers

Knot consists of 40 unique levels where the difficulty is assessed in terms of the number of moves required to move a piece.

Realistic Graphics

The more levels are unlocked the more materials are discovered by the player. 

Calming Atmosphere

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and music. Solve each puzzle one by one and earn your achievements.