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  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade / Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: Final Form LLC
  • Developer: Final Form LLC
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood
Mild Violence


Complete Edition

Jamestown+ Complete includes the main Jamestown+ game and the Gunpowder, Treason, & Plot DLC, expanding the core gameplay with four exciting new ships.

  • GHOST: summon a ghostly copy of yourself, and unsheathe Excalibur itself!
  • GUNPOWDER: hurl oversized grenades into the fray!
  • TREASON: launch powerful fusillades of homing missiles!
  • FORTUNE: roll the dice with a ship that can mimic other weapon systems!



Set on 17th-century British colonial Mars, Jamestown+ is a neoclassical cooperative shoot-em-up for up to four players. 

The betentacled warriors of Mars have allied with the powerful Spanish Conquistador, and all of England’s hopes in the New World rest on the shoulders of one disgraced knight: Sir Walter Raleigh. Lush pixelart and an award-winning orchestral soundtrack immerse you in Raleigh’s battle to protect Britain’s last bastion: Jamestown colony.

Three years in the making, Jamestown+ is the definitive expanded and remastered edition of the critically-acclaimed debut title from Final Form Games.

Remastered Features:

  • Countless improvements large and small, including new background & enemy artwork, level layout adjustments, bullet pattern tweaks, and a completely scratch-built user interface that takes full advantage of the PS4.
  • The original soundtrack and sound effects have been carefully remastered for 5.1 surround sound, powered by the all-new Gorilla Audio engine.
  • Brand new content, exclusive to the PS4:
    • Two all-new, handcrafted levels set on Phobos & Deimos, the moons of Mars.
    • The Armada: three new configurable characters allow for 36 possible combinations of shot & Special weapon, allowing players to create their own playstyle.


Raleigh's Tale of Redemption

A Fallen Knight, A Lost Colony

When Roanoke colony vanished, it took 117 British colonists and left no sign to mark their passing. Rumors and tall tales of where it ended up are as common as the red dirt of Mars, and about as valuable. The facts are plain: in the 30 years of exploration that have followed, no one has produced a shred of evidence as to the Lost Colony’s whereabouts, nor the slightest clue as to what caused it to disappear in the first place.

Now, in the autumn of his life, Sir Walter Raleigh has evaded a death sentence at the Tower of London and booked secret passage to the New World. His desperate gambit: to dive headlong into the raging English/Spanish war for control of Mars, to locate the Lost Colony of Roanoke, and to parlay this heroic feat into amnesty for his crimes against the Crown.

While his odds of success are slim, he has two assets in his favor: a stolen Conveyance bearing the most sophisticated weaponry that the Queen's engineers could conceive of... and the brazen courage of the man who has nothing left to lose.

Award-Winning Design

Old-School Aesthetic, New-School Heart

Jamestown+ features all the intensity, depth, and lovingly handcrafted pixels of a classic arcade shooter, with a modern twist: deeply-integrated cooperative gameplay.

Classically, top-down shooters give multiple players a shared pool of lives or continues; this inevitably results in one of the players “failing out” and being left to watch their more skilled (or lucky) friend continue to have fun. 

In Jamestown+, so long as any player survives, the entire team can be brought back to life. By giving even novice players the power to rescue their team from the jaws of death, Jamestown+ creates an exhilarating cooperative thrill-ride where everyone’s contribution truly matters. Win or lose, your team will do it together.

This innovative take on co-op enhances an already rock-solid arcade shooter experience. With its addictive “Vaunt” shield mechanic, richly rewarding scoring system, and 5 difficulty levels ranging from “first-time player” to “masochistic bullet junkie,” Jamestown+ delivers an engaging core experience no matter how you want to play it.

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