Invasion from Beyond

  • PS One
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Simulation / Shooter
  • Publisher: GT Interactive
  • Developer: TBC
ESRB - E Rating
Animated Violence
A massive Martian armada has arrived. Now Earth must face the full force of the Red Planet's merciless might. Join Earth's lone defenders. Out-numbered and out-matched, you are all that stands between Earth's freedom and total Martian dominance. Turn back the red tide of a monstrous Invasion From Beyond! This is Earth's greatest hour. Earth's last stand!

Frantic arcade-style 3D shooter action! Fully destructible backgrounds! Thousands upon thousands of flying Martian adversaries! Spectacular explosions! A riveting, retro-rich storyline inspired by the golden age of B-Movie science fiction thrillers! Beware the Invasion!

  • Survive 30+ missions of fast-paced, futuristic shooter action!
  • Fear a mammoth alien armada of varied spacecraft!
  • Discover secret levels, ships and weapons. And the devastating secrets they possess.
  • See sense-shattering explosions and lighting effects at an incredible 50 FPS!
  • Thrill to multiple camera angles for stunning in-game cut scenes.
  • Behold incredible light-sourced graphics! Bombastic 3D explosions and state-of-the-art particle effects!
  • Engage in challenging strategy element! Players must coordinate the Earth's defenses for maximum effect!
  • Halt an overwhelming Martian invasion or die trying!

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