Hyper Sentinel

A face-melting, pixel-pumping, arcade shoot 'em up featuring awesome power-ups, epic boss battles and spectacular effects at a blistering 60fps. Blast into battle against huge space destroyers in Arcade Mode, tackle endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode and face off against epic level guardians in Boss Run mode.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: Huey Games
  • Developer: Four5Six Pixel / Huey Games
ESRB - E Rating
Mild Fantasy Violence





The fleet has been decimated by Alienoid space destroyers, and you have been chosen to pilot our last remaining fighter into battle. This is planet Earth's final stand. One Hyper Sentinel. One chance. Stop them.




Get ready for the most intense arcade shoot ‘em up you’ve ever experienced. Hyper Sentinel is elegance defined in gameplay, with intuitive arcade controls and instant action making it refreshingly fun to play.
Featuring unique “flip and scroll” gameplay inspired by the greatest arcade shooters from the 8-bit era, Hyper Sentinel embraces a Neo Retro philosophy to combine a contemporary gaming mentality with the purity of classic gaming concepts.

  • 12 challenging levels, featuring turrets, fighters, forcefields, space mines and more
  • Epic multistage, progressively destructible bosses unique to each level
  • Awesome power-ups, including the Astro Mace, Arc Streamer and Dual Beams
  • 60 medals to win in three difficulty levels
  • 3 game modes, including "Survival" and "Boss Run"
  • The "reverse flip" action of Earth’s most advanced "Sentinel" class fighter lets you pursue the enemy Alienoids to their destruction
  • Combat swarms of Alienoid fighters, from the evasive Beetle class ships to the powerful Hunters, dodge the twin cannons of the Viper and bombard the relentless Sentients
  • Defeat the mighty level guardians, including the Battletrak, the Pytharg and the seemingly impenetrable Mechoid
  • Deploy a smart bomb and wipe out every enemy in one go
  • Pick up Double Lasers or a Buddy Drone to amplify your firepower
  • Destroy 12 huge Alienoid space leviathans before they reach Earth and wipe it out
  • Trigger awesome "Retro" modes – with CRT-, C64- and Spectrum-style graphics; a love letter to '80s gaming

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