Game Overview

One-of-a-kind locomotion combines with comedy and fast paced gameplay to bring you Hopalong: The Badlands. Sling lead and thunder across the Badlands as you chase down the infamous Dynamite Gang. They are beyond redemption and there is no “or Alive” part on their wanted posters.

  • Three expansive Western themed chapters to explore and conquer
  • Oscillot locomotion system for intuitive movement from the tallest mesa to the deepest caverns, and back
  • Bring justice to the murderous, stick-horse riding outlaws The Boomity Clan
  • Fight Boss Boomity and his flying stick-pig Pigasus in an intense night time battle
  • Earn a slew of new weapons and steeds as you progress, even Pigasus!
  • Shoot dynamite out of the air, settle arguments with your pickaxe, set your enemies aflame with the Brimstone Gun, and more!
  • Uncover the Badges of previous Sheriffs, and discover the True Sheriff of the Badlands
  • Big bandits with gatling guns, crazy cowboys with machetes, and relentless wooden gunfighters? Run!

Game Editions

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