Online multiplayer only. Requires PlayStation®Plus. 
Energetic decline made corporations turn to private armies service to look for Holfraine, the most valuable mineral of the galaxy.
Choose your mercenary in the universe of Holfraine and face your enemies in frenetic online games with an innovating game mode that combines features from other existing ones: All-In-1. Eliminate your opponents, dominate the active zones, steal the enemy drone, take advantage of the support boxes that an allied airship will drop in the arena to power up you and avoid bombings from hostile airships.

Holfraine is an online multiplayer PVP videogame of the Hero Shooter genre. To win, the objective is to coordinate with your teammates to defeat the opposing team and score as most points as possible while completing dynamic missions and events that will occur through the match.

Each mercenary fits a determined role and has a unique weapon and ability set. But that’s not all, each character has his own skin set as well, which modify the character’s base stats to create different playstyles without making a single stat too high.

  • Dynamic events and missions through the match
  • 6 Different and uniques characteres
  • More than 30 different skins to customize our mercenaries
  • ALL IN ONE: Unique game mode, frenetic and full of action
  • Created under formal rules to promote E-SPORT

Holfraine is a videogame developed by Fluxart® Studios, a little company formed by five developers.  Holfraine won "Best Online Multiplayer Game" in PlayStation® Talents Awards 2017, and has been supported by PlayStation Talents.

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