What if you had the opportunity to relive your past and fix the mistakes you had made for a potentially different outcome? Many of us think about and struggle with this fundamental question.

Hindsight 20/20 allows you to play the game again differently and not make the same mistakes you made in the last playthrough for very different gameplay and story experiences. Every playthrough of the game provides you a handcrafted experience and ending that is personal and unique to what you did in the game.

For example... you belong to a town that values peace and harmony: will you break the rules of this town and be ruthless in your actions for a potentially better cause, or will you respect the values of your town, no matter what? The sheriff of this town killed your father. Will you murder him and violate the ethos of your people or will you spare his life and allow him to grow more powerful? Questions with moral dilemmas like these are what this game presents to you. The decisions you make have real and meaningful consequences that are unique to you.

Interesting AI and Bosses:

  • NPCs treat you differently based on your choices and actions
  • Bosses are relatable having different personalities with shades of gray. There is no longer a border between good and evil.
  • A meta artificial intelligence is observing every action and choice of yours and adapting the gameplay and story to them.

A Malleable World:

  • Play in a world that changes based on what you do.
  • Your hometown can switch between 5 different states in each playthrough.
  • Your actions determine the fate of your town.


  • Each playthrough lasts for about 6 hours
  • Different choices and actions lead to the discovery of different experiences in each playthrough
  • Acquire different special abilities and collectibles that are unique to your playthrough.

Six Different Endings:

  • Each ending is specific to your choices and actions
  • Each ending provides you a personal picture book of your story and journey.

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