• Jump, shoot and explore!
  • Discover 11 stages with lots of secrets
  • Blast through evil creatures & huge bosses
  • Enjoy stunning pixel art with gorgeous parallax scrolling
  • Master your weapons with fully customizable controls
  • Play the definitive version with tons of new features & updates
Gunlord X: Improvements and New Features

Gunlord X is the definitive version of the 2012 arcade classic. It contains a large number of improvements and new features, including:

  • Increased level sizes with new secrets and challenges
  • A brand new stage
  • 4 new boss enemies
  • A new power shot weapon
  • Difficulty adjustments, including re-balanced levels, permanent continues, level warp shortcuts and auto save features
  • New Game Mode+ and accomplishment screen, especially designed for speed runners
  • Various display settings, including scanline/RGB CRT TV options
  • Fully customizable controls and new, optional modern twin stick control setting
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