Game Overview

From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes the ultimate evolution of the Puzzle-RPG-Strategy mashup, Gems of War!

Immerse yourself in a world of adventure as you collect heroes from across the realm and battle foes with the power of the puzzle board. Unlock new realms with kingdoms to conquer and hundreds of troops to collect. 

Join the war and start your journey to becoming a puzzle legend today!

Gameplay Details

Explore the world of Krystara as the hero of your own making. Meet a cast of characters as you travel to various kingdoms, helping each by embarking on new quests and defeating hordes of enemies in turn based match-3 combat. Claim victory and earn rewards to acquire new troops, forge exotic weapons, and more! 

Key Features

  • Puzzle RPG - Dive into a world filled with hundreds of puzzles, deep RPG gameplay and tactical puzzle strategy
  • Build Your Team of Heroes - Collect over 700 troops and unlock spells to attack your enemies
  • Conquer New Realms - Unlock the Krystara & Underworld maps with over 30 Kingdoms to conquer and 400 Quests to complete
  • Join a Guild - Forge alliances with other players to participate in guild events for greater rewards
  • Dominate the Competition - Battle in asynchronous PvP and rise up the global ranks. 
  • Play Endless Mini Games - Enjoy different modes of play with a robust catalog of side activities and mini games
  • Complete Weekly Events - Join live events and complete endless puzzle missions
  • Collect Daily Bonuses - Login daily to collect free bonus rewards
Gems of War - Starter Pack - Store Image

Gems of War PS Plus Starter Pack

Jump-start your battles with this epic starter pack for the classic puzzle RPG, Gems of War! Unleash the power of the Nobend Brothers and gain the competitive edge with an additional 2,500 souls and 10 Gem Keys!

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