FOX n FORESTS is a 16-bit style action platformer with RPG and puzzle elements! Switch seasons and wield your crossbow to unveil the mystery of the 5th season.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Platformer / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: EuroVideo
  • Developer: Bonus Level Entertainment
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Fantasy Violence

Command the Seasons

Play as Rick the Fox

FOX n FORESTS is a 2D action platformer with RPG and puzzle elements inspired by the glorious days of 16-bit!

Switch between various seasons on the fly, shoot and slash with your magic melee crossbow and snatch loot to unveil the mystery of the 5th season.

A thrilling pixel-art fable with rewarding super secrets, screen-filling bosses and thriving exploration. This is 16-bit how you remember it!


Mysterious 5th Season

An evil force is messing around with the seasons in the vast mana woodlands and is building an army of tree-like creatures and half-plant, half-animal mutants. Its plan is to introduce a mysterious, deadly 5th time of a year.


Switch Seasons on the Fly

You play as Rick the Fox and your weapon is a magic melee crossbow that can not only be used for ranged and close-up combat, but it empowers you to seamlessly switch between two seasons per level, completely changing the whole environment and resulting in amazing secrets, tricky skill tests and thriving exploration.


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