CAPTAIN SIMMONS - US: The US Infantry marches across the countryside to fight for truth, freedom and the American way. Capt. Nathan Simmons leads his troops fearlessly against the opposing German forces, placing troop trucks, bazooka soldiers and mortar specialists in strategic locations throughout the war zone.

MAJOR BEAUMONT - US: The US Armored Division rolls out heavy tanks and powerful explosives to wipe their enemies from the face of the battlefield. The Sherman Crocodile, capable of clearing a path all by itself with its front-mounted flamethrower, is Major Beaumont's attacker of choice as he makes his way into German territory.

CAPTAIN NICKLES - US: The US Airborn are the fearless men who take to the skies to protect freedom and rain down justice from above. US Troop planes drop paratroopers off into the most dangerous circumstances as Captain Nickles commands the P38's and P47's to keep the roads to the enemy headquarters clear.

COMMANDER WULF - Germany: The German Armored Division brings the power of Panzer and Tiger tanks to bear against their enemies in an explosive manner. Commander Wulf will show no mercy when dealing with enemy forces, and she uses her Walking Stukas and her Hummel Artillery to great effect against any who come at her base.

COUNT VON RITTER - Germany: The Luftwaffe is the German specialized air division, bringing their assault from the skies with bombs and bullets. The Henschel Heavy fighter is a formidable offensive weapon, and Captain Von Ritter will use it to his advantage against any enemy that dares take the field opposite him.

​CAPTAIN GALLAND - Germany: The German Infantry is a swarming mass of enemy soldiers prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat their enemies. Captain Galland rallies his Panzerschreck Bazooka soldiers and his Motorized Heavy Machine Gun Trucks to clear a path for his soldiers as they march on their enemy's headquarters.

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