Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Eternity - The Last Unicorn is an action RPG based on norse mythology, the player will be free to upgrade weapons, level up the characters and explore, go back and forth whenever needed or whenever they feel like facing some more enemies. For those who love Norse Mythology, the story will be a very valuable part of the game which has references to it as well in its enviroment, and the ones who don't know it yet will be able to experience something new and unique.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Void Studios S/A
  • Developer: Void Studios S/A
ESRB - T Rating

An elf with the power to protect the last of the unicorns

It's time to claim Eternity

Eternity – The Last Unicorn was inspired by tales from Norse Mythology and the mechanics of classic games. Play as Aurehen, a prominent and strong female protagonist tasks with saving the world of the elves and the last of the unicorns. Explore the world Vanaheim and defeat the evil lurking throughout the world.


Two Playable Characters

In a land destroyed by a curse, the young elf, Aurehen, is called upon to save the last unicorn and restore peace to the Reign of Alfheim. According to the ancient scrolls, only Aurehen can touch the Unicorn and free him and the elves from an evil curse.

With the support of Bior, the Viking searching for his missing troops, Aurehen and Bior will the explore large and beautiful realm of Vanaheim, a universe and culture inspired by Nordic folklore.

Level Up and Upgrade

Upgrade your weapons, evolve your characters, learn new skills and become stronger to defeat the most feared enemies. Unique items are hidden all over the world of Vanaheim, get them as much as you can!

Fight Against Epic Bosses

Fight against epic bosses from norse mithology, such as Úlfrstórr the Giant Wolf, Helviti, Jökul the Jotuns and Gullveig the Witch. Use all your skills and try to free the realm of these terrible beings.

Arena Mode

Survival mode requiring players to test their skills against enemies and giant bosses in search of great rewards.



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