Emily Wants to Play

Play as an unlucky pizza delivery guy that gets trapped by Emily and her dolls on his final delivery. Uncover the haunting story while trying to survive the night.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Horror / Action / Puzzle
  • Publisher: SKH Apps
  • Developer: Shawn Hitchcock
ESRB - T Rating
Violent References

Your pizza’s here!

An unlucky pizza guy decides to step into the wrong house while delivering pizza. He gets to the house, its storming, the front door is wide open and the lights are on. The online order left a note to “walk right in” and since it’s raining, he decides to step into the doorway. The door shuts behind him, locking him in the house for the night.

Now try and survive as you play the pizza guy in the strange house. Uncover the unusual story about Emily, her parents and the dolls. As the night passes by, Emily and the dolls will roam around the house to find you. In this survival horror, you must be fearless and use strategy to survive the night.




Play “your way”

You can cower in the living room or sprint fearlessly around the house. There is no set path to follow. Interact with doors, lights, notes and more as you try to stay alive and learn the story of the house. There are secrets to be found and ways to survive. Can you keep the pizza man alive?

Dynamic Environment

Several aspects of the game are dynamic. Each time you play will not be exactly the same. Every light in the house is dynamic. You can be trapped in absolute pitch darkness. The dolls and Emily are also dynamic. They may be in different places and doing different things each time you play.

Unique monsters

Emily and her dolls have their own personalities. They come out at different times of the night, and they love to play children’s games. They will roam around, closing doors, turning out lights, and chasing you all over the house. They don’t have many limits. They can go anywhere in the house. Try to figure out their games, and strategically keep yourself alive.

No Combat

The pizza man is just a regular guy looking to finish a day’s work. He planned on finishing this last delivery, clock out and head home to play some video games. Now he’s stuck in a house with some creepy dolls and Emily. He doesn’t know hand to hand combat, and there are no weapons at his disposal. He must survive on his wits alone.


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