Game Overview

Shoot and destroy the million enemies to defend the world!

Even though the game genre would be different than "EARTH DEFENSE FORCE(EDF)" series, this game features exaclty the 2 most exciting elements of "EDF" series, which would be the "ultimate feeling of despair" and the "refreshment to defeat huge and innumerable enemies".

Featuring 6 missions to be played across 5 different difficulty levels, with 60 and more weapons to collect. The game also supports online score ranking as well.

Manage all the weapons you've collected in the game, and become skilled enough so you can use all the combos which will lead you in obtaining the world's best glory.

Story Details

"The Ravagers" are back again

Several months have passed since the invasion of the aliens, "The Ravagers".

The alliance earth force "EDF" have been developing a new aviation unit for their Wing Diver soldiers. Their research mainly focussed on how to make the units suitable for long-term flight. If they find the soluction to this, the soldiers would be able to make emergency charge without dropping on the ground. On one day when the test of the new flight unit by some members of the Pail Team was contained in the final stage, the incident happened.

On that very same day, most other EDF teams were all gathered and were preparing for the shooting down operation of the enemy mother ship. Suddenly, the battalion of gigantic creatures appeared as if scratching the back of the strategy.

In order to exterminate these gigantic creatures, EDF could only use their residual forces that were left for base defense.

Gameplay Details

Unique gameplay elements of this game


When the screen stops scrolling during a mission, it's time for the "SHOOT UP TIME"! When this "SHOOT UP TIME" begins, numerous enemies will fill up the screen, forcing you to kill them all without thinking about anything! The more you kill, the more COMBOs you will get, and the higher your score will be!

"The Ravagers" versus "The Earth Defence Force"

The gigantic insect looking aliens from oughter space will aggressively attack you. There are super huge bosses in each stage and their attacks will be more intense. As one of the EDF members, you must use all the collectable weapons in the game and fight off these enemies!

Full voice

Experience the fully-voiced communication transmissions with your fellow EDF fighters, including the Rangers, Operators, and Commanders from "EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1". You can also see other Rangers fighting along and watch the citizens running away from the gigantic creatures. As a member of the PaleTeam, cooperate with the other team members and carry out the strategy immediately. The fantastic voice actors will definitely help bring the gaming experience to life!

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