Feel like an action hero while switching seamlessly between an arsenal of guns, swords and spells as you blast your way through murderous hordes. Your VR controller becomes an extension of your arm as you take aim with your gun or cast spells.

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: Mad Triangles
  • Developer: Mad Triangles
ESRB - T Rating

Firearms and Magic

DWVR is a fast-paced virtual reality action FPS where you fight waves of enemies using firearms and magic.

It uses motion controls to put you in the shoes of an action hero. Don’t just click a button to shoot, but extend your arm to aim your gun, throw fireballs, or fight with a sword.


Game Features



Skeletons and cyborgs are coming to kill you. Use a wide variety of firearms to fend them off, or fireballs to blast them.

If you prefer the up-close-and-personal kind of combat, use your plasma sword to deflect their shots or cut them in half.



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