The city is trying to destroy you. Think you can survive?

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Racing / Adventure / Arcade
  • Publisher: Refract
  • Developer: Refract
RP - E



Distance is a survival racing game. Fusing the action of arcade racing with exploration, your car mustsurvive a deadly and mysterious city. Explore the city’s dark past in Adventure mode, or take on the roadwith friends in arcade multiplayer.

The roads are treacherous with obstacles around every corner. You control a unique car that allows youto boost, jump, rotate, and even fly to discover new paths. Not only can you drive fast on the track, butalso upside down and on buildings and walls.

Distance is a spiritual successor to the award-winning racer Nitronic Rush, created at DigiPen Institute of Technology. It was widely praised for its innovative mechanics, visual style, audio design, andatmosphere.






Innovative car platforming — Pilot a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly. 

Adventure — Experience a short story that dives into the city's mysterious past.

Arcade — Survive brutally challenging tracks in arcade modes like Sprint, Reverse Tag, Stunt, and more. Play solo, online, or in local split-screen.

Trackmogrify — Random track generation with hundreds of seed modifiers. Enter in a phrase and seewhat you can create!

Level editor — Use a powerful level editor to create levels from within the game.

Original soundtrack — Dynamic new music from torcht, the composer behind award-winning games likeNitronic Rush, Solace, and The Fourth Wall.


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