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Defenders of Ekron

Defenders of Ekron is a Adventure / Shoot’em Up game that mixes the exploration and narrative of an Adventure game with the best action of a classic Shoot’em Up, offering new kinds of experiences. You will have control over an advanced mech that can shoot at 360° and explore quickly vast escenarios.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Shooter
  • Publisher: In Vitro Games
  • Developer: In Vitro Games



Defenders of Ekron is a game that fuses the story and gameplay of an Adventure game and the classic mechanics of a Shoot’em Up game, resulting in a mind-blowing mix with multiple exciting features. The game is set in Ekron, a planet that may seem peaceful, but its past is clearly marked by war. You take the role of Eneas, a young and bold cadet at Petra Martial Institute that has trained his entire life to become an Anakim pilot, a cutting-edge mech that absorbs and transforms the energy around it into a special ability, called Isvará. During Eneas’ final exam to become a pilot, something goes wrong and his Anakim won’t develop an Isvará. That’s why, when a civil war threatens to burst, Eneas will be forced to join an experimental program that will allow him to fight The Renegades, a  group of rogue Anakim pilots that are ready to destroy the planet. Features like 360° shooting range, vast scenarios to explore with the Analysis and Map mode, and the possibility to learn new Combat modes, will allow you to defend Ekron, but be careful, for dark secrets await and limits between right and wrong will slowly fade. Listen to your instinct, because revolution starts within.




You get to pilot an Anakim, Ekron’s most advanced technology. Anakims run on Oxus, the energy present in all matter. That’s why it can shoot normal ammo and a special shot, made of Oxus. It also can analyze its environment and enemies to find clues. Use the Map and Navigation mode to explore the scenarios in an efficient way and fight with a 360° shooting range. Learn new abilities, such as dashing, sword fighting and controlling electromagnetism and pyromancy. Finally, upgrade your Anakim and train with it all you want before taking the next mission.


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