Dead Rising® 2 Off The Record

The legendary Frank West arrives in Fortune City to take center stage! You have 72 hours until the military arrives. Follow the trail of clues in pursuit of the truth in this strictly "Off The Record" scoop.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Horror
  • Publisher: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
  • Developer: Mercenary Technology
ESRB - M Rating
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Partial Nudity
Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol



Photojournalist and original hero of Dead Rising's Willamette incident, Frank West, takes center stage once again in Dead Rising® 2: Off the Record. Forget what you know about Dead Rising® 2, as players will experience a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. The new 'Off the Record' storyline means an all new Dead Rising® 2 experience, where Frank faces off against hordes of twisted enemies, builds more outrageous combo weapons, follows his own unique mission structure, and explores brand new areas of Fortune City to get his biggest scoop yet. 

Join Frank as he indulges in the insanity of 'Uranus Zone', Fortune City's very own theme park. Full of deadly rides and crazy attractions, the sci-fi themed Uranus Zone is a true zombie-killing paradise. Fans have asked for it and now Dead Rising® 2: Off the Record delivers a fully realized Sandbox Mode!  Available from the outset, players can now explore all Fortune City has to offer without having to worry about the clock. 




  • FORTUNE CITY BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT - Experience a re-interpretation of the Fortune City outbreak through the eyes and camera of photojournalist Frank West.
  • DO IT YOUR WAY - All new Sandbox Mode allows free reign exploration of Fortune City or the chance to top the leaderboards by competing in one of the many challenges.
  • SAY "CHEESE!" - Capture those classic, violent, scary, hilarious Dead Rising moments, earn Prestige Points and complete all new missions with Frank's new and improved camera feature.

Dead Rising

Triple Pack

Enjoy three times the zombies with the Dead Rising Triple Bundle Pack, containing Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. What a time to be undead! 



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