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Days Gone

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At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love—and hope. It's about how, even when confronted with such enormous tragedy, hope never dies.


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Play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing a brutal struggle for survival while searching for a reason to live.


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Unique Enemies

In addition to hostile drifters, marauders, and militia, Deacon must face a wilderness overrun by dangerous and evolving Freakers. As with any living creature, Freakers eat, drink, hibernate and build nests, behaviors that Deacon must learn and adapt to.

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Freaker Threats

Freakers are humans infected with the virus that destroyed the world. With a variety of types, from Screamers to Swarmers to massive Hordes, Freakers are constantly on the hunt for their next meal— you.

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Human Threats

Most survivors fled to the wilderness in search of safety. Some formed groups that roam the broken road looking to murder the helpless. Others lost their minds. In the open world, trust no one and keep your survivor skills sharp.

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Animal Threats

From dangerous predators like the mountain lion to infected creatures like Ragers and Runners, your chances of survival in the wilderness are only as good as your bike. Always be prepared to fight to survive. 

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Deacon riding his bike through the wilderness full of freakers sly> sly>
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Beauty video of Deacon's bike in Days Gone

Deacon's Lifeline

In a world where the roads are broken and often impassable, there’s Deacon’s one and only bike. Earn enough trust with encampments for access to unique upgrades, including increased gas mileage, faster speeds and more. Just remember to keep the gas tank full and the engine running properly, or risk surviving this brutal world on foot.

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What You Get:

  • Days Gone Statue*
  • Steelbook Case
  • 6 Days Gone Collector's Pins
  • Physical & Digital Mini-Art Book**
  • Physical & Digital Original Music
  • Days Gone Sew-On Patch
  • 4 Decals

*By Gentle Giant
**By Dark Horse Comics

Digital Content:

  • Monkey Wrench Skill Early Unlock
  • 3 Bike Skins
  • Deacon vs. The Horde Dynamic Theme

Digital Deluxe Edition

What You Get:

  • Digital Mini Artbook
  • Digital Original Music
  • Full Game Download
  • Monkey Wrench Skill Early Unlock
  • Deacon vs. The Horde Dynamic Theme
  • 3 Bike Skins

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Days Gone

Play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing a brutal struggle for survival, searching for a reason to live.

Developer: Bend Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC Release Date: Out Now Genre: Action
ESRB - M Rating
  • Blood and Gore
  • Drug Reference
  • Intense Violence
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language
©2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Days Gone is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC