Alex, a young man who sings to draw and always carries his notebook, decides to go to study fine arts away from home. The family lawyer receives a call from Bryan telling him that his stepmother has taken his own life. As the only living family member, he goes to the family home to fix the papers and bury his stepmother. Once at home you will discover the necromancy studies that were being done there. Explore, solve puzzles and manage your inventory to survive

Dawn of fear tells the story of Alex, a young man with a past marked by tragedy. His mother died when she gave birth to him. His father carries on with his life and marry again. After some time, Max is born and become Alex’s stepbrother. One day returning from Max's training they suffer a car accident. Alex, Max and their father were traveling in the car, and only Alex survived the accident. After a time of mourning. Alex manages to rebuild his life but his stepmother does not and ends up in a psychiatric hospital.

Three years later he receives a letter saying that his stepmother has died and decides to return to the family home to pick up his things.

When he arrives there, he does not find his childhood home but a world of madness and cruelty from which he does not know if he will be able to run away. 

In order to help Alex to survive you shall have to use logic to solve the puzzles, manage your ammo in order not to get helpless and keep your cold blood to avoid being dragged by the horror that permeates the house. 

You dare?

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