Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Metro3D
  • Developer: TBC
ESRB - T Rating
Blood and Gore
A land ravaged by a terrible plague. A world terrorized by unspeakably terrifying wraiths. An oncoming apocalypse at the close of the afflicted year. One woman is all that stands in the way of the devastation of land and time. She is human, common, and outnumbered millions to one...but she is the Dark Angel of Retribution, and by her sword there will be reckoning!

The thrilling and frenzied Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is a new kind of role-playing adventure for gamers looking for the pandemonium melee of games like Diablo. As Anna, you have one year to take back your city and prepare for the onslaught of the Shadow Lord, the menacing demon who brought about the fiend infestation. With days passing over a real-time hour, the gameplay stretches to 400 hours of a single challenge. Anna will need to make the most of every day to prepare for the Shadow Lord's showdown. Ridding the realm of his monsters will drain his powers, and saving your own tormented villagers from death will put citizens at your aid for the eventful fight. With gloriously detailed bloody battles against dozens of enemies with effects and flashes churning out of the PlayStation 2 over the entire game quest of nearly 400 hours, an epic adventure of a lifetime awaits at the hands of the Dark Angel.


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