Summer 2015


Capsule Force

Battle head-to-head for control of the galaxies in this frantic multiplayer action game straight out of a 1980s space anime! Blast shots, dodge energy beams, and deflect projectiles as you race your tram into the opposing team's base! Grab the capsule to capture the galaxy, but don’t let the enemy team do the same!

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / Fighting
  • Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios, LLC
  • Developer: klobit, LLC
ESRB - T Rating
Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes



CAPSULE FORCE is a multiplayer competitive action game spanning across several galaxies. Ongoing war has forced the Earth World Leaders to dispatch intergalactic forces to capture galaxies via capsules. Compete with an opposing galactic force member and retrieve your stolen capsule!

Battle your opponent head-to-head in a variety of worlds inspired by 80s space anime. Trade shots, parry turrets, dodge laser beams, and use your energy shield to deflect projectiles back at your opponent!

Advance toward your capsule by riding the tram to the next screen. But watch out! The path to your enemy's base is riddled with traps! Fend off your opponent and capture the galaxy to win the round!Test your skills with over 30 single player missions! Shoot targets, avoid projectiles, and race to the finish!

● 1 - 4 Players

● 80s Anime World

● Fast-Paced Back-and-Forth Competitive Gameplay

● 8 Engaging Arenas

● Over 30 Challenging Single Player Missions




Capsule Force is a retro game that takes place in the future year of 1999. Intergalactic war has broken out among the universe. Earth World Leaders have created advanced technological capsules that can capture entire galaxies. Teams of bounty hunters have been sent off to capture enemy galaxies. But the bounty hunters have begun collecting the capsules for themselves and divided into two factions, blue and pink. Both blue and pink teams are trying to capture as many galaxies as they can!



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Capsule Force

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