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New content is available in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 with Black Ops Pass*!
Black Ops Pass owners get instant access to two exciting new Multiplayer maps in Operation Dark Divide. Battle through a volcanic villain's lair in 'Lair' and fight around an active rocket launch site with the remastered 'Launch' map. Owners also get fresh Zombie content with the new 'Tag Der Toten' experience.
The Dark Divide - COD Black Ops 4

New content now available includes:

  • 2 MP maps
  • 1 Zombie Experience

Black Ops Pass* also includes:

  • 'Der Schatten', 'Remnant' and 'Havana' Maps + 7 Additional MP Maps
  • 4 exclusive Blackout characters
  • 4 Zombie Experiences
  • 1,000 Call of Duty® Points**
  • 300 Nebulium Plasma**

PlayStation® players will get access to new playable content first, including new specialists, maps and Blackout updates***.