Game Overview

Trapped in an alien prison, you must fight your way to freedom in this action combat game featuring a fully immersive, intuitive fight system. Complete with Power punches, finishing moves, interchangeable weapons, an energy shield for block/counter combos, a customizable armor system, and a challenge board to increase ranks among prisoners. 
Fight against an alien
  • Campaign Mode and Multiplayer PVP 
  • Fight People online in VR battle arenas 
  • True fight simulation 
  • Real life boxing technique 
  • Great workout for shredding calories 
  • Finishing and fatality moves during alien fights in Campaign 
  • Leveling up factions (5): Joker, Alien Slayer, Boss, King, The One 
  • Win/loss record 
  • Hit points vary with weapon 
  • Customization of armor, gauntlets, weapons 
  • 21 challenges 
  • 5 levels, outer space environments 
  • Power punches (achieved from skilled combinations) 
  • Tutorial training 
  • Cut scenes 

Game Editions

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